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Bosch DCN‑CCU2 Central Control Unit


• For DCN Next Generation or DCN wireless systems, or a combination of the two (Maximum one DCN‑WAP per system)

• Basic microphone management facilities

• Four operational microphone modes: – Open: microphone button control with requestto- speak (Auto) – Override: microphone button with override of activated microphones (FIFO) – Voice: voice activated microphones – Push-to-talk (push and hold button to speak)

• Number of open microphones between 1 and 4

• Configuration of CCU and system via a display and a single rotary push button

• Basic voting control for parliamentary voting procedure. Delegates can register ‘Present’, ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Abstain’. The Concentus Chairman unit can start, stop and suspend the voting. The total results can be displayed on hall displays and on the LCD screens of the units

• A page function which activates a voting tone. With this tone the chairman can indicate that a voting round is about to start

• Simultaneous interpretation function with 31 language channels plus one floor channel

• Distribution of up to 10 language channels plus floor to DCN wireless discussion units

• Distribution of up to 31 language channels plus floor to Integrus receivers, DCN wired channel selectors

• Basic intercom function with function to assign intercom operator and intercom chairman (both can be called from the interpreter desk)

• Stand-alone automatic camera control

• Extended conference facilities when using control PC software or remote controllers

• Adjustable sensitivity for the audio inputs • Adjustable level for the audio outputs

• Audio insertion facility to connect external audio processing devices or telephone couplers

 Supply voltage 100‑240 Vac 50‑60 Hz
Power consumption 360 W
DCN system supply 40 Vdc, max 85 W per DCN socket
Optical network supply 40 Vdc, max 65 W
Total power supply 320 W
RS‑232 connection 1 x nine‑pole Sub‑D female socket
Frequency response 30 Hz – 20 kHz (-3 dB at nominal level)
THD at nominal level < 0.5 %
Cross talk attenuation > 85 dB at 1 kHz
Dynamic range > 90 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 16x
Sensitivity(typical)1 > 87 dBA
Audio inputs
XLR nominal input -12 dBV (+/- 6 dB)
XLR maximum input +12 dBV
Cinch nominal output -24 dBV (+/- 6 dB)
Cinch maximum input +0 dBV
Audio outputs
XLR nominal output -12 dBV (+6 / -24 dB)
XLR maximum output +12 dBV
Cinch nominal output -24 dBV (+6 / -24 dB)
Cinch maximum output +0 dBV
Mechanical Monochrome, Color, Auto
Mounting Tabletop or mounted in a 19” rack
Dimensions (H x W x D)
for tabletop use, with feet 92 x 440 x 400 mm
for 19” rack use, with brackets 88 x 483 x 400 mm
in front of brackets 40 mm
behind brackets 360 mm
Weight 7.9 kg
Color Charcoal (PH 10736) with silver



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Weight 7.9 kg
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