October 17, 2015
October 17, 2015
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36-Input 6-Bus Premium Live Mixer with 24-bit PROFEX digital effects and USB interface

MLX3642 is a large format mixer combining a large number of channels with a full set of features designed to fit any professional sound reinforcement application.
The 28 MONO input channels feature ultra-low noise, high-headroom preamps, able to capture the full range of any instrument. The 4-band EQ with two sweep mids has a great response for tweaking your sound in the most musical way, while the EQ ON/OFF switch allows instant comparison. Each model includes two STEREO channels with 4-band EQ.
The 6 AUX sends can be set pre- or post-fader in pairs. AUX sends 1 to 4, with 60mm faders and 3-band EQ, provide effective control of the stage monitoring. AUX sends 5&6 can be routed to the two internal effects, to external outboard or used as two additional monitor sends. Two STEREO RETURNS with full routing allow to connect external outboard or two additional stereo instruments.
All the channels together with the four GROUPS and the MAIN MIX feature 100mm long-wearing high-quality faders for the most accurate level control.
The MLX mixers include two 24-bit PROFEX digital effects able to provide 256 studio-grade gig-ready effect algorithms: this allows to enhance your mix with natural high-resolution reverb or delay effects without the need of external outboard. The effects can be selected thru a convenient LCD display and they can be freely routed to the monitor sends, the groups and the main mix.
The MLX series features a built-in USB interface to get CD quality audio to and from your computer: thru the USB interface you can play audio files from the PC or record your live performance directly on hard-disk. The MLX USB interface offers the possibility to route the INPUT signal directly to the MAIN MIX or to STEREO channel 2 and to get the OUTPUT signal from the MAIN MIX or from GROUPS 1&2.
The MLX MASTER section offers plenty of services and useful features, such as a MAIN MUTE switch, a TALKBACK section and separate PHONES and MONITOR level controls. Three USB sockets are available for connecting 5V USB LAMPS.
The intuitive control surface layout and the color-coded ergonomic knobs of MLX mixers allow to locate easily each function and makes them extremely easy to use.  Both models are hosted in a rugged and road-proof metal chassis.

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Section Data  Connectors
Mic Input sensitivity from 0 to -50 dB Balanced XLR-F
impedance 2 Kohm
max input level +22 dBu
Line Input sensitivity from +15 to -35 dB Balanced JACK
impedance 10 Kohm
max input level +22 dBu
Insert send & return level/max -10 dBu / +22 dBu TRS JACK
Direct Out max output level +22 dBu Balanced JACK
Lo cut 75Hz, 18dB/oct.
EQ HIGH (shelving) ±15 dB @ 12KHz
HI-MID (peaking) ±15 dB from 500Hz to 12KHz
LO-MID (peaking) ±15 dB from 80Hz to 2KHz
LOW (shelving) ±15 dB @ 80Hz
Line Input sensitivity from +15 to -35 dB Balanced JACK
impedance 10 Kohm
max input level +22 dBu
EQ HIGH (shelving) ±15 dB @ 12KHz
HI-MID (peaking) ±15 dB @ 3KHz
LO-MID (peaking) ±15 dB @ 500Hz
LOW (shelving) ±15 dB @ 80Hz
MAIN MIX max. out level  +28 dBu Balanced XLR-M
MAIN MIX insert send & return level/max -10 dBu / +22 dBu TRS JACK
AUX output max out level +28 dBu Balanced XLR-M, Balanced JACK
AUX 1-4 EQ HIGH (shelving) ±15 dB @ 12KHz
MID (peaking) ±15 dB from 100Hz to 8KHz
LOW (shelving) ±15 dB @ 80Hz
GROUP output max out level +28 dBu Balanced JACK
MONITOR output nom. out level +28 dBu Unbalanced JACK
2TRK max out level +15 dBu Unbalanced RCA
max in level +22 dBu Unbalanced RCA
HEADPHONES max. out level +22 dBu / 600 ohm Stereo JACK
USB Stereo IN/OUT, 16-bit converter, 48 KHz sample rate Type B
Effects 256 (16 presets x 16 variations): HALL, ROOM, VOCAL and PLATE reverbs; STEREO and MONO TAP DELAY; REV + DELAY, REV + TAP DELAY, REV + CHORUS
A/D and D/A converters – DSP resolution 24 bit
Controls 2-DIGIT LCD, DIAL, TAP DELAY switch
Impedance all line outputs 120 ohm unbalanced
Crosstalk (meas. at 1 KHz) channel to channel > -80dBu
mix to mix > -80dBu
channel to mix > -80dBu
Noise all channels routed, faders down < -90 dBu
all channels routed at 0 dB < -86 dBu
THD mic to insert < 0,009 % (+30 dB unity gain, +20 dBu output)
mix to mix < 0,03 % (+30 dB unity gain, +20 dBu output)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 900 x 170 x 515 mm
Weight 17.2 kg
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Consumption 100 W


Additional information
Weight 17.2 kg
Dimensions 90 × 17 × 51.5 cm
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