Mobile Sound System (audo equipment)
May 20, 2015
Dalida Restoraunt (audio equipment)
May 20, 2015

Were installed JBL 8340A Cinema Surround System ,  JBL JRX 112M Two-Way Stage Monitor Speaker , JBL JRX 118S Compact Subwoofer, Proel HPD 1500 power amplifier , Proel HPD 1000 power amplifier , Tascam VL A4 Two-Way Powered Reference Monitor  , RCS PB-730S Pro-Sound Speaker, Akg Vocal Set Dual WMS 40 PT Mini wireless microphone system, Akg Instr. Set Dual WMS 40 PT, Akg C 417L Professional lavalier microphone,  Soundcraft RW5757 FX16II Mixer with Effects, SGM Studio 24 Scan Controller, Lite-Puter DX-1230 12 Channel DMX Dimmer Pack, Svetoch SVT4-1000 stage lighting, Svetoch SVT4-500 stage lighting, Logocam Fresnel 1000P stage lighting,  Robe 575 XT Scaner discharge – lamp moving light, Proel PLFT100EP stage lighting, Sanyo PLC-XU105 projector, Sanyo PLC-XU111 projector.

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