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May 7, 2020
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May 7, 2020
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The soundprint of each channel can be created from one of ten preset audio files already on Falcon VS, from rock to classical, country, talk show, or preset audio while preserving the original sound; it enhances features and unique details.
It can also recall a preset by the logic state on the port or protocol GPIn ASCII serial / ethernet (on OPT).The internal RDS encoder (optional) provides two DataSet, each with a wide range of services including 60 static programmable PS messages, 16 RadioText messages, Alternative Frequency (AF) to receive the best frequency as a function of ‘coverage area’ and Traffic Program (TP) / Traffic Announcement (TA) to listen to traffic information and functions such as EON, M/S, DI, CT, PI, PTY, PIN. 
The switching between the DataSet can occur by serial commands, GPIO or TCP/IP from a radio automation system. 
The RDS encoder complies with UECP SPB490. The connectivity of Falcon VS is complete and versatile.
 The rear panel features balanced XLR connectors for the connection of the inputs and outputs, in analog and digital AES / EBU.
 As regards the MPX part there are two outputs individually buffered and independent for the signal MPX+RDS, plus two additional inputs AUX (SCA) with different functionalities.
 For remote connections there are an Ethernet TCP/IP (as option) a RS232 serial port, a USB port and a connection port GP In and GP Out to optocouplers and open collector representing the operating states and alarms.
 Falcon VS can be controlled remotely via Windows-based client software or through a common http thanks to the web server (on option).
Universal power supply 90-264Vac 47-63Hz included to operate worldwide. Falcon VS form factor is 1 RU 19″ standard.

  • 5-Band digital audio processor
  • Analog and AES/EBU input and output over XLR
  • Automatic audio input changeover
  • 2 Composite outputs and 2 AUX inputs
  • Stereo generator with composite clipper
  • Mpx power control – ITU-R BS.412
  • Digital RDS encoder with 2 data set
  • Multiband AGC, speech detector, 3-band EQ, stereo enhancer
  • Brilliance control, expander and superbass enhancer
  • Usb, serial, 4 GPIn 4 GPOut
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