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June 12, 2020
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June 16, 2020
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Coemar LEDko


LEDko, the spot profile projector winner of major awards with Coemar patented technologies.
Available in the following versions:
• LEDko T and D: fixed white LED COB source in two different CCT, either Tungsten (approx. 3.200 K) or Daylight (approx. 5.600K)
• LEDko VariWhite 2: variable white fixture from 2.700 to 6.500 K
• LEDko FullSpectrum 2: based on a RGBW array

The white versions are available with different levels of CRI (80, 90, 96).
Given the tradeoff between the level of CRI and the correlated light output, the standard fixture mounts a CRI 90 white LED chip.

However, a CRI>95 – LEDko Studio version – is suggested whenever the color rendering has priority versus the general light output (for example an HD broadcast application or museum installations).

Finally, a CRI 80 is suggested for all those installations in which a higher light output is preferred (for example outdoor architectural installations).

Warmly welcomed when first introduced, the new VariWhite 2 version is based on a proprietory variable white LED array, designed to achieve high CRI level (above 95) with a wide spectrum of CCT ranging from 2.700 up to 6.500 K. This version provides great flexibility and guarantees a constant output throughout the CCT range.

The FullSpectrum is the result of several years of the Coemar R&D team focusing on resolving the typical issues linked with the use of LED chips, such as multiple shadows aberrations, pixelation and poor color mixing. In order to guarantee a high output at all levels and color mix, the LEDko FullSpectrum is based on a 4 channels LED array (Red, Green, Blue and Warm White 6.500 K). Along with a multitude of colors and pastel shades, the end-user can use the LEDko FullSpectrum to obtain a white range from 3.200 to 10.000 K with a CRI level above 90 without multiple shadows.

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