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ETC Source Four LED Adapters


Transform your Source Four LED

Your Source Four LED luminaire can be more than just a spotlight! By removing the lens barrel and adding an adapter in its place, you can transform your fixture into a Fresnel or a cyc light, bringing vibrant x7 color or flattering white light to your lighting design.


The Source Four LED Fresnel is like no Fresnel you’ve seen before. The adapter fits any Source Four LED light engine and creates tunable-white or brightly-colored washes with soft edges. The light blends evenly – with smooth overlap and uniform distribution – for washes that look dazzling, even on camera! The Fresnel adapter is adept at sculpting light using traditional barn-door technology and attachments, to customize the look and shape of the light. And with the highest-quality light output, the Source Four LED Fresnel can be used in any application – on stage or in the studio.


By attaching a Source Four LED CYC adapter, any Source Four LED can become a superior tool for lighting cycloramas. With highly tuned optics, the Source Four LED CYC adapter provides incredibly smooth, evenly-distributed coverage, without visible gaps. Backed by the x7 Color System™, the CYC adds a nearly limitless array of bold colors to cycloramas, and can be fine-tuned to accentuate or subdue individual hues in painted backdrops.

You don’t need a PhD in lenses to know how to use it. Instead of struggling with a complicated lensing formula that can take hours to get right, the Source Four LED CYC requires no additional lenses or diffusion. It simply connects to any Source Four LED light engine and is ready to go, reducing setup time and hassle.


Looking for information on how many ETC CYC fixtures you need and how far apart they should be set up? We got you covered! Download the recently-updated CYC Tool and take the guesswork out of your design.

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