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The revolutionary and Emmy® Award-winning Ignite Automation Production Control (APC) platform is a powerful and agile software platform that enables single operators to create tighter, cleaner, more compelling live content, while lowering OPEX costs associated with personnel and training.

  • Reduces complexity associated with building and maintaining live production events, enables operators to focus on creativity and not technology.
  • Reduce training and commissioning by up to 50% saving time and money.
  • Intuitive Ignite v11 Event Builder platform, when combined with the new Ignite Rundown, enables last minute live production event changes to be made in seconds as opposed to hours and days.

Ignite solves a variety of concerns facing the industry today, enabling single-operator live productions that produce tighter, cleaner and more consistent video productions. From tools that make the difference when every second counts, to seamless audio automation, to our industry leading native library of third-party devices and comprehensive switcher support, Ignite offers the power to create content regardless of your production control demands

  • Ignite Persistent Templates: New Ignite vertical playlist supports dynamic change in the rundown directly from Ignite — there’s no need to go to the NRCS to make changes
  • New Event Builder:
    • Quick & easy creation of event library — reducing training & commissioning by up to 50%
    • Enables Ignite to be deployed as an easy to set up and use plug-and-play device suitable for any production environment, small or large
    • Event options are accessible in a single interface — building takes a few clicks, no wading through dozens of menus
  • MOP (Media Object Portal) processes and filters changes that occur during live productions, giving visibility to what and where a change has occurred
  • Fully and partially redundant options
  • Templated Events: Reduces the size and complexity of your event library
  • Third-party device control is direct and native, no other applications required
  • Audio control mimics the way an audio operator would control an audio console
  • Ignite companion application enables simultaneous Ignite control by up to three operators
  • Make last-minute adjustments to audio levels on Katalyst or directly in the Ignite UI — there’s no need to go to the NRCS to make changes
  • Flexible architecture support allows for hybrid modes of operation
    • Switch between traditional production panels and full automation
    • Combine semi-automation with manual control of specific devices
  • Supports MOS and has an Active X plugin
  • NRCS support: AP (ENPS), iNews, Octopus and Dalet, while also supporting no NRCS if desired
  • Comprehensive switcher support:
    • K-Frame: S-Series, V-Series
    • Kahuna
    • Kula
    • Sony
  • DMP: Easily and seamlessly produce content for web and mobile platforms via Ignite
  • Tight integration with GV STRATUS to automatically segment and produce content for mobile and web platforms
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