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January 23, 2020
Recorder ver 2 Base license for the first channel
January 23, 2020
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Playout ver 7 4K output license(works for PAL, NTSC, 720p, 1080i, 1080p or 4K output)


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The recommended configurations are based on Intel motherboards with socket 1151 / 2011 / 2066 / 3647
and AMD processors Ryzen series.
The list of the compatible hardware it is open. The hardware vendors update their systems on a regular basis and it is difficult to evaluate every new systems that comes to market.
The most important thing to consider is that the video frame-buffer must be compatible with the motherboard and the rest of your system. Our software will work for sure if the systems are configured correctly.
4K UHD / Quad channel HD
TypeMotherBoardProcessorRAM MemoryBlackmagic Card
2066 / 3647 / 2011 v3
nVidia GTX 750 or newer
Asus, Gigabyte, MSI for socket 2066
Supermicro for socket 3647
Intel processor with 8 core or better4 X 8 GB (socket 2066)

6 x 8 GB (socket 3647)

DeckLink / Intensity
driver ver 11 or newer
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