October 19, 2020
October 19, 2020
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MH 702H is a  7 “monitor is designed for professional use in stationary and mobile TV photo studios as a viewfinder video cameras or photo cameras, as  program or preview monitor, tallent feedback monitor as well as for use in any other situations where the need to control the quality of the current state of the video equipment and the observation of technical  processes.

The monitor has a , VGA and AV  inputs . Matrix LED backlight provides increased brightness (400 nits). There is a function «Assist in focus» – peaking filter, which helps fine-tune the focus on the subject.  There are advanced features such as: on-screen marker (center of the screen or grid marker(80%, 85%, 90%,93%,96%)), invert colors, horizontal and vertical turning  of picture, monochrome mode : black and white, blue, green, red etc. On the back of the monitor there is a mount for the installation of back up  battery, which makes it possible to use a monitor in the field.

The package can include sun visor.


Panel Size                                                   7-inch

Panel Type                                                   TFT LCD

Pixel                                                            1024x600xRGB = 1843200 pixels

Video definition                                             800х480 (up to 1920х1440)

Backlight                                                      LED

Dot pitch                                                      0,05 (w) х 0,15 (h)

Aspect Ratio                                                16:9

Brigtness                                                     400 кд/м2

Contrast Ratio                                             500:1

Response time                                            10 мс

Viewing angle                                             700/700(L/R), 500/600(U/D)

Input signals                                                HDMI, 0,7 – 1,4 Vp-p/75ohm

Color format                                                PAL (4,43),NTSC(3,58)

Build in Loudspeaker                                    <1W, 8ohm

Power supply                                              DC: 6-24V

Consumtion                                                 <8W(<50mA-standby)

Unit size (max)                                            188x131x40mm

Unit weight                                                  540g

Working Temperature                                 -20 – 500C

Storage Temperature                                  -30 – 650C

Instalation                                                    There is a ¼’ standard screw bracket fixed hole on the down of the monitor

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