October 19, 2020
October 19, 2020
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Line of mobile video studios «Odyssey MVS» from VIDEOSOLUTION GROUP has the flexibility to change the configuration, which allows to select devices and to adapt the software and hardware modules directly under the inquiries and opportunities of the customer. Each mobile complex VSGP MVS is a separate complete solution. System configuration, the final composition of equipment are formed individually in collaboration with the customers that allows you to create complex for specific applications of consumer without redundancy thus without increasing the value of the complex.

Actually the Mobile video studio Odyssey is constructor which assembles according to chosen by customer set of functions from the list of accessible ones (see list of functions below). It made on the base of some videomixers including of Odyssey family or from other brands and can be equipped by different devices and even by Play Out system.  This solution allows to work outside and inside of broadcast studios with possibilities of life broadcasting.

Odyssey MVS gives the opportunity to mix from 4 to 16 main inputs (CVBS, S-VIDEO, SDI (SD/HD)). Due the preliminary Matrix routers it is possible to work with 16 sources even with 4 channel mixer.  Mobile studio has a number of functions which allow to record and to make a graphic design (titles, logos etc.) of program video. In case of PLAY OUT it possible to use such function likes video delay, video repetition, Chroma keyer, Video recording, IP streaming etc.

The systems can be equipped by some of SDI monitors or multiviewer, by audiomonitoring, by full audio section (mixing, audio processing, etc.), from 2 to 8 channel intercom system, multicore cables on the cable Drums etc.

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