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The D-01 is Neumann’s top-of-the-line AES 42 digital microphone featuring a newly developed large diaphragm capsule with a linear response in all directional patterns. Its entire dynamic range of 130 dB is transferred to the digital domain with no quality loss. DSP functions include digital gain, low cut, peak limiter, compressor/limiter and de-esser.


In the past decades, sound recording and the entire processing chain went digital. Digital technology offers many advantages, such as lossless transmission, copying, and storage. While analog processing is characterized by signal degradation, accumulating with every step, there is no loss of information in an all-digital system. However, in audio environments, digitization begins only after the microphone and preamp. Advances in sound fidelity can be made by implementing the A/D conversion earlier in the signal chain, i.e. by digitizing the capsule signal.


The D-01 is the flagship of Neumann’s “Solution-D” line of digital microphones. Its custom designed A/D converter covers the entire dynamic range of the condenser capsule: 130 dB – that’s roughly 10 dB more than even mastering grade converters are capable of. Additionally, the D-01 offers internal DSP processing, such as digital gain, a variable low cut, a compressor/limiter/de-esser, and a peak limiter. All parameters may be stored in the microphone and are remote controlled using the RCS software (which may run on the DAW host computer). The D-01 supports sample rates up to 192 kHz (24 bit), the microphone output is compliant to the AES 42 standard for digital microphones.


The D-01 is designed for highest fidelity. Its newly developed large diaphragm capsule is an advanced design with a smooth and even response in all directional patterns (omni, cardioid, figure-8, and twelve intermediate positions). Transient response is outstanding. The D-01 can handle sound pressure levels of up to 138 dB without preattenuation and has an incredibly low self-noise of only 8 dB-A, which is unprecedented for a multipattern microphone. With its uncolored sound, free from noise and distortion, the D-01 retains all options for post-processing.


The Neumann D-01 is a studio microphone for all applications. It is a superb vocal microphone with a beautifully natural sound as well as a universal microphone for all kinds of instruments. Recommended applications include piano, acoustic guitar, upright bass and other stringed instruments, wind instruments, drums, and percussion. Thanks to its enormous dynamic range, the D-01 is an ideal microphone for advanced sampling. Since all microphone parameters are remote controlled, settings may be auditioned from the listening position.

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