July 2, 2020
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July 2, 2020
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The ESPRITE PC offers you a dynamic, high performance wash light, whilst  enjoying the many advantages of our TE™ Transferable Engine technology.

The ESPRITE PC features the low cost, transferable light engine, to ingeniously solve the problem of performance longevity and light consistency for those preferring the higher brightness of white source LEDs.

The self-referencing, data capturing TE™ 650W White LED engine, designed, developed and manufactured in our own factory, allows for rapid and economical “Lamp like” exchange to give both fixtures a life well beyond those of non-user replaceable LED sources.

Performance has not been compromised, with the ESPRITE PC producing over 26.000 lm with a more defined beam compared to the softer edge of the Fresnel.

The ESPRITE PC possesses a comprehensive feature set including: Flat field CMY mixing; variable CTO; remotely selectable CRI 70/80/90; two fast colour wheels; medium and light frosts; Scrim with graduated filter position control with +/- 180° rotation and edge colour correction for added finesse.

A quick, accurate internal barndoor provides individual blade control and +/- 90° module rotation, whilst a zoom range of 6 – 60° ensuring maximum flexibility.

Furthermore, these fixtures are enhanced by Cpulse™, the flicker free management system for the latest cameras; EMS™ for enhanced motion stability and L3™ Low Light Linearity dimming, for ultra-smooth fade to black allowing seamless integration with traditional lighting rigs.


    TE™ 650W White LED Engine


    up to 26.200 lm


    6° – 60°


    Internal barndoor system with +/- 90° rotation, Cpulse™ – Flicker Free Management, L3™ dimming system for ultra-smooth fade to black

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