October 19, 2020
October 19, 2020
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The product is designed for studio shooting with a pan-tilt-zoom camera. It consists of a hood with a translucent mirror, a monitor and a base, which provides the setting of prompter on a tripod.

There are conductors inside of the hood for mounting the platform with a fixed PTZ camera. The hood with a mirror and monitor is fixed to the base, which is an 8 mm thick aluminum platform with 1/4 “and 3/8” holes for mounting to a tripod. The product is balanced on the tripod head without counterweights.

The prompter is equipped with a mirror 510×450 mm. The dimensions of the mirror hood provide the possibility, within certain limits, to position the camera inside of the hood. The maximum dimensions of the camera are 270 mm(height) * 220 mm(width).

Applying of a high-quality mirror made of a special UltraClear glass with an additional anti-reflective coating (AR coating) allows you to get a clearly visible, almost without doubling text reflection even with high transparency of the mirror – the transparency / reflection ratio is 70/30.

This model of Teleprompter can be equipped by different monitors with the big difference in price between them:

VSS-21PTZSB (Professional monitor , CV, YUV, HDMI, SDI inputs, 1000nits, Image flipper)

VSS-21PTZB (Professional monitor , CV, YUV, HDMI, inputs, 1000nits, Image flipper)

VSS-21PTZ (Professional monitor , CV, YUV, HDMI, inputs, 300nits, Image flipper)

VSS-19PTZ (Normal PC monitor 19’ or 21’)


The Main Features:

  • Increased rigidity
  • Broadcast quality beamsplitter 70/30 with AR coating
  • The ability to easily remove the mirror
  • Using only PTZ cameras

Optional accessories:

  • feedback monitor with correspondent counterbalance;
  • digital Tally;
  • HDMI cable up to 25 m;
  • wireless controller.
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