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April 6, 2018
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April 7, 2018
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Theater Seats KLAS Fabric Flooring

Back and Seat Sponges
Back and Seat units are made from water-based polyurethane materials in compliance with the international non-flammability (ISO 3795) and permanent deferred (ISO 1856) standards at an intensity of 55 Kg / m3 (ISO845) with internal metal frame.
Back and Seat Units
The back and seat units taken from the hearts are clothed with complex fabric. When the seat unit is out of service, it can be closed by an internal spring system.
10000 polyester fabrics are used with friction resistance, fading properties, 1800-200 gr / m2 weight, friction fastness over 30.000 rpm.
In Koçaklarda, a decorative wooden box with an interior metal frame and fabric is used. The Polished Wood armrest unit is integrated onto the fully armored armrests.
Carrier Feet and Metal Body
The backrest and seat linings are constructed on specially shaped double steel profile carrier feet. Metal body welding is made with gas welding and continuous weld system is applied at joints. All metal parts are painted with electrostatic 80 micron ± 10 layer of powder paint.
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