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The TES3 Multistandard TV Data Encoder / Inserter is a highly flexible platform for encoding, inserting, receiving, bridging and multiplexing digital data in the vertical blanking interval (VBI) of any television signal. The TES3 has 4 input data ports that are enabled by software modules to accept RS232 data; 3 ports are direct and one is via an internal 33.6Kbps modem or 10Base-T LAN adaptor. The TES3 can house up to four software modules for encoding and inserting up to 4 input data streams into a single VBI. The TES3 is the first world-capable TV Data Encoder platform that can operate in any television and AC power standard, and can encode and insert data in any TV data format.

The TES3 can be used as an encoder / inserter for encoding and inserting asynchronous serial RS232 or LAN data streams into the VBI, or as a data bridge for extracting the data from the VBI of one video source and inserting it into the VBI of another. Standard encoder software modules are available for broadcasting or bridging data meeting North American (NABTS), European (WST) or Japanese (JTES) standards for teletext data transmission. Standard encoder modules are also available for EIA608 Closed Captioning and for configuring the TES3 as a Test Encoder. See the appropriate module data sheet for details on any specific module. Ross Video can also supply non-standard encoder software modules under special order.

TES3 Multi-standard VBI Processor

The TES3 combines the four components necessary for TV data transmission into one unit:

  • Communications: Multiple data ports and internal TV data decoders for data input and output.
  • Processing: The heart of the TES3 is an Intel processor with FLASH disk. The various modes and features of the TES3 platform are enabled by loading Ross Video software modules into the TES3.
  • Encoding: Any TV data format (NABTS, WST, AMOL, Line 21 Captioning, proprietary) can be encoded by the TES3, with up to eight done simultaneously. All data formatting is done by the unit.
  • Insertion: The TES3 will insert the encoded data formats on any combination of lines 10-25 (7-22 in 625 line systems) in any video format (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, 525 & 625 Line).
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